Fund Marketing

Let your fund be known

ETC Marketing Services

ETC’s Marketing Services for our Private Label ETF Clients, Making Our ETF Solution Even More Effective.

Your partner to help you tell your story through proven marketing strategies and measure your ROI for your multi-channel marketing plan

ETF Industry Specialist – Senior Level Marketing Professional & ETF Research Veteran

Marketing Assessment – Identify the obstacles for growth

Develop a Multi-channel Marketing Plan, Budget and Calendar

Every ETF has a story, let us help you tell it.

WHAT WE DO – Develop customized growth marketing programs to help our customers create awareness, get feedback, gain confidence and grow AUM.

Marketing and Sales Strategy & Planning

  • Branding Analysis and Design
  • Content Generation Program – Investment Story Development
  • Lead Generation Programs – Internal Wholesalers – (Licensed)
  • Sales CRM Systems Consulting
  • Social Media Marketing Programs
  • Public Relations Team Management
  • Audience Development and List Targeting
  • Digital Marketing Program Strategy – *Additional (Ad Keyword Programs, Banner Ads)
  • Conference and Events Strategy – *Additional (Booth, Graphics, Tablecloth, Premiums)
  • Spokesperson – Media Representation *Additional
  • Research Program (Whitepapers, Webinars, etc.) *Additional
  • Website Development – Hosting, Factsheets, Investment Cases, Whitepapers *Additional

About Us

We are a group of finance marketing entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have been building businesses, utilizing existing marketing and distributing strategies for the past 10 years

ETC Marketing Services was born after listening to our clients’ needs for guidance on designing, marketing, selling and positioning their firms after getting stuck and frustrated.


Michael Cronan - President of ETC Marketing Services

Dan Carlucci - Vice President of ETC Marketing Services

Kristen Cisco - Project Manager